Why You Should Work With Me

I was extremely Ill for years...

only according to my bloodwork, I was perfectly healthy!  Aside from exorbitant bills and a handful of pills to manage my anxiety - which, by the way, did nothing for my anxiety - doctors offered nothing.  Even worse, as time went on they began to allude that my illness was all in my head.  

Meanwhile I just got sicker and sicker, developing hypothyroidism and adrenal exhaustion.  At my worst I was unable climb my stairs without a pounding heart, dizziness, and intense muscle fatigue in my legs that made it impossible to support my own body weight.  Halfway up, I would have to sit down to recoup the energy to make it to the top.  I was definitely not healthy!

Compelled by personal illness, compassion for others, and outrage...

at how morally distorted the idea of health management is, my mission and my passion align to provide a safe and effective means of achieving true health and happiness.

I am certified in HTMA with high honors by Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D., retired licensed clinical psychologist, retired licensed nutrition counselor, author of "The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis" and  "Shrinking the Judge: Freeing the Inner Child", as well as multiple case reports published to the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine connecting mineral patterns to physical and mental health conditions.   Dr. Malter brings to the table over 40 years of practical application of HTMA and applied psychology.  

My focus is on navigating the intricacies of HTMA as it relates to the Neuroendocrine System.  With extensive studies, I have developed an in-depth knowledge concerning the 

interrelationships of the neuroendocrine system as well as the influence of mineral balance on biochemistry and the neuroendocrine system. My knowledge and experience combined with real world application of HTMA, allows me to broaden your understanding of the mineral connection to your energy, health and happiness and present it in way that is easy for someone with limited knowledge to understand.