Restore Your Health & Energy

Millions of people are suffering from (or unknowingly being affected by) conditions which stem from mineral imbalances within the body.

In most cases, due to the homeostatic nature of blood, blood tests won't provide you with accurate results. In fact, blood mineral levels have almost no correlation to the cellular levels or stored tissue levels, and as a result, patients are often misdiagnosed or left without answers. Both physical and mental health issues can be improved or eliminated through the proper balancing of minerals with HTMA. However, taking the wrong minerals (or vitamins) for YOUR unique biochemistry can also be detrimental.  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, has proven its efficacy over four decades of research and millions of test results.

HTMA is used by the US Environmental Protection Agency, leading practitioners and elite athletes who have access to the very best health care.  It provides the most accurate results for mineral and heavy metal status in the body, providing you with a blueprint to properly balance your minerals and achieve homeostasis.  Though very few practitioners have been trained in properly analyzing HTMA data, it is one of the most important health screening tools that exists today.

Mineral deficiencies and toxicities affect everyone to some degree.

An over-reliance on blood testing to measure these imbalances has greatly suppressed the broader understanding of how widespread these deficiency and toxicity conditions are, not to mention their effect on both physical and mental health.  HTMA provides crucial factors behind a wide range of conditions affected by mineral imbalance, including: fatigue & adrenal problems, thyroid issues, weight gain, blood sugar problems, depression, anxiety, personality changes, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, reactivity to stress, addictions, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, risk of heart attack, liver and kidney problems, digestive issues, inflammation, PMS, and even skin problems. HTMA often identifies serious health risks many years before they show up using other test methods.  Most importantly, HTMA provides you with a blueprint to intelligently balance your biochemistry and restore your health and energy!