My Philosophy


Body, Mind and Spirit

I believe in treating the person as a whole - Body, Mind and Spirit.  

The foundation all my work begins with HTMA which provides me with a clear picture of exactly what nutrients YOUR body needs at the present time for optimal health and healing. 


Given the profound effect of nutrient minerals on both physical and psychological conditions, nutrition is extremely important, and our focus together will be in this area. 


There is no such thing as 'One size fits all'.  Each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. Personal differences in physiology, metabolic type, and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best. That's why no single way of eating works for everyone. The perfect food for you may be poison to another.

A nutritional wellness program cannot be properly designed without having a crystal clear picture of what nutritional factors a person needs, and which would be detrimental. Many foods, vitamins and minerals which we are led to believe are healthy, can have serious health consequences for many people. For example, taking vitamin D when you have low potassium can be very dangerous; Taking calcium with low magnesium levels can cause brittle bones; Magnesium supplementation can be very beneficial for most people, but not when the person's sodium level is low; Copper rich foods (chocolate, nuts, beans and avocados) are good for those with low copper, but too much of those foods can be detrimental to someone with high copper levels (which, by the way, includes the majority of the western population!).  

Properly understanding a person's mineral status can only be done through HTMA.  Creating a nutritional wellness plan on the principle of bio-individuality while utilizing a holistic approach allows me to support positive changes that will ensure health and happiness!

Mineral Balancing & Mindful Nutrition


This is an area so poorly understood in conventional medicine yet has such profound implications on health. Nutritional education barely scratches the surface in medical schools, and it is almost all but ignored in the mental health community.  Even most nutrition schools fail to educate on the important role mineral balances play.

Yet minerals are literally the spark plugs of life.  They control our thyroid and adrenal activity, how we react to stress, our hormones, , digestion and gut health, glucose sensitivity, cardiovascular health, our awareness, emotions, and even our personality and decisions!  Our entire Neuro-Endocrine system is affected by ratios of minerals in our body.  

When mineral balance is achieved, many chronic and acute conditions simply disappear. Conversely, when minerals are out of balance, health problems set in.  When choosing a way of eating or supplementing, we must recognize that nutrients do not operate independently from other nutrients. They are all interconnected, and increasing one mineral will raise or lower others, setting off potentially damaging imbalances. For this reason, HTMA is the foundation behind all my work.


Absolutely everyone has some level of toxins and toxic metals in their body. Even if you consume a strict organic diet you cannot escape the environmental toxins we are all exposed to on a daily basis. Toxicities undermine optimal health, therefore detox is imperative.  

True detox will never be achieved through a 10 day cleanse you find at the health food store.  Nor should toxins be aggressively attacked with antagonistic nutrients or chelating agents - doing so can have serious adverse effects. We also need to understand that poor gut health will impair the absorption of key nutrients necessary for detox, and that poor adrenal and/or liver function will impair the body's ability to excrete toxins.

I utilize what I call the '4R' approach to detox. Remove the source of toxic exposure, Replenish and rebalance minerals and nutrients, and Restore cellular energy and healthy gut function.  This integrative approach is much more powerful than any aspect of it on it's own.   Supporting the liver, increasing bile flow and opening the bile ducts is vital before starting a detox process. Without adequate liver function & bile production/flow, toxins are mobilized and then reabsorbed back into the body vs mobilized and excreted.  We need to be able to get rid of the toxins rather than just stirring them up and letting them resettle!  

Soul Food

When it comes to our health, it's not just the food we eat or don't eat, but all of the other things in our day to day lives. Relationships, careers, exercise, nature, meditation, art, music, sunshine, and spiritual awareness are all essential forms of nourishment. Whatever makes your soul happy!  Always do that! 

Together we will restore your health and energy... body, mind and soul!

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