Kind Words

Girdwood, Alaska - August 2019

I was very curious about the results of my first HTMA test with Stephanie. Not having done anything like this before, I wan’t sure what to expect. As I’m rolling into age 50 the randomness of vitamins and minerals that I have consumed over the last 3 decades have had no basis. I mostly do what I hear my friends doing, or what I read about. For years I’ve made up what supplements I’m “supposed” to be taking. The HTMA test is great because it is measurable and reflects a mineral blueprint of what is going on in your body. Stephanie provided excellent analysis of my results with easy-to-understand visual graphs and written explanations. My results provided astonishing information that accurately reflected what I was experiencing emotionally, sleeping patterns, anxiety issues and also heavy metals that I had no idea were in my system. Stephanie was able to take my results and suggest a supplement prescription to aid me in improved mineral balances. Costs, timelines, scheduling, communication have all been professional and transparent. I love that Stephanie is as interested in helping me achieve better health as much as I am. I just had my 2nd HTMA test. I’m so pleased to see improvements! I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Stephanie and continue with this process.

Dawn Gerety,

Austin, Texas - November 2018

A few months ago, I happened upon the Nosh and Flourish website. I liked what I saw and ordered a hair analysis with a recommended supplement list, plus suggested food to eat. Stephanie expertly read my hair analysis and made some good suggestions for supplements, food and activity that are unique to my imbalances. After nearly 3 months, I have more energy and sleep well almost every night. Overall, I feel great! She figured out what my body needs. I definitely would not have determined this out myself!

I am looking forward to retesting my hair to see what has changed!

 Amy Crandell

Anchorage, Alaksa - September 2018

If you haven't had a HTMA you must!  Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to minerals and their connection to our health.  She was spot on when it came to my symptoms - even without a history. She explained my results in a way that was very easy for me to understand and laid out a clear plan of action specific to my results.  I am already noticing positive shifts in my energy, I am sleeping better and my thinking is much more clear.  I can't thank you enough!

Stephanie Michele

Charleston, S.C. - June 2018

Stephanie is a lady with passion for what she does.  She has a positive attitude and contagious energy. She thinks out of the box, digging deeper in order to get to the cause of your illness.  She is a true joy to work with!

Ansley M

Anchorage, Alaska - April 2018

Stephanie Mace has helped me understand the needs of my body with a hair test. I have regular blood tests at the doctors (about every 6 months) now down from daily, weekly, by-weekly, to monthly, every three months and now every six months. 

One hair test shows that my adrenals are severely fatigued. Or crashed. 

This has caused a fat mid section which I could never lose (cortisol) because my body was tired and I was try to work it out more.

Long story short- if you are having problems with high anxiety, weight gain, weight loss, had a surgery or under severe stress, you might need to test your minerals. It is sooooo worth it. I don’t use a scale because I don’t care about the number but I can tell the minerals I’m taking are helping me lose weight. And not working out because my adrenals need the rest. So I’m eating better and taking the rest when needed! It’s working people!

Wendy Snipes

Anchorage, Alaska - January 2018

I had a great experience working with Stephanie! I did the hair test which was simple and painless‚ A week later she was able to sit down with me when the test came back and boy I had some things that needed changing! Stephanie is so knowledgeable about how minerals work with and against one another. She doesn't simply tell you, "your low in this so you need more", she understands how each relates to the next and that some minerals in excess drive down other minerals. It was fascinating to learn about and very easy to understand because she explains it all so well. Stephanie was able to show me exactly what I was doing wrong and set me up with the correct supplements and plan to fix it. I have been to so many doctors for my thyroid and felt she gave me more information than anyone else had. I feel extremely safe in trusting her knowledge and expertise and would tell anyone who isn't feeling well to take this step and see her. I am so thankful.

Anneke Richardson

Anchorage, Alaska - January 2018

I first met Stephanie at a restaurant and was instantly drawn to her. She has this incredible ability to open a conversation and make you feel like you have been friends forever. I felt so fortunate to meet someone that is so inspiring, energetic, and a wealth of knowledge. When my health began deteriorating, I called upon Stephanie for advice. Not only did she offer professional and valuable advice, but she was able to do a comprehensive hair analyses to target my issues specifically. She designed a personalized supplemental program for me that was easy to follow, provided a detailed list of foods to eat, and discussed important lifestyle changes. I look up to her as mentor. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her work and it is evident in everything she does. I am so grateful to have met Stephanie and for her help in not only regaining my health but improving it drastically. 

~Whitney Dahl


Heath, Texas - December 2017

Stephanie was very thorough and did a great job explaining my HTMA results and recommended a protocol to get my minerals balanced. Wished I would have done it sooner!

Dusti Broadfoot

Anchorage, Alaska - December 2017

Thank you so much for HTMA and interpretation. The results were really not surprising - in fact, they fit my mother and grandmother exactly, so although it is a bit intimidating to know that I'm on the same path as them unless I make some corrections, you also empowered me on ways to correct that path. Summarizing very succinctly simple additional supplements I can take and changes I can make to get the minerals in my body more in balance and therefore alleviate those imbalances, symptoms and risks was really helpful. I truly appreciate that you listened and heard me on the things I felt I could change and the items / activities I still feel I need and came up with customized recommendations for me. I know how much you care and it is obvious in how you interact with clients!

Thank you!

Sandy Rennard

Anchorage, Alaska - October 2017


I want to personally extend my sincere thanks for your knowledge and patience as I being to transform myself and get my health back on track.  I thought I was making good choices based on what I believed to be "healthy" and spent years without seeing or feeling any change.  These last few months working with you have been transformational and I want others to benefit as I have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dallas, Texas - March 2012

Last summer I decided to start a fitness routine. After battling migraines for five years and not working out for as many years I decided I needed to hire a trainer. I talked to several friends about trainers and asked for referrals. I checked out several trainers, asked questions, considered what each trainers body looked like, listened to their ideas & philosophies on fitness and decided Stephanie Mace was the trainer I could benefit most from. She's not only a trainer but also a nutritionist.. It's obvious she works hard on her own body and she could help me with mine. She's got perfect muscle tone and her philosophy on living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit is well researched and innovative.   My goals were to get fit, eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I also wanted to be able to work out from home so there wouldn't be the excuse that I couldn't get to the gym. She tailored a program to my needs and gave me nutrition information vital to living a healthy lifestyle.   Since I had not worked out in five years we started working out slowly. Stephanie is a kind, caring, encouraging trainer, but tough too. She made sure I was doing the exercises correctly while pushing me through and beyond what I thought I was capable of meanwhile giving me confidence I could do what I thought I couldn't. She's awesome & an inspiration.   My goals may be different from your specific needs or goals, however I have confidence that if I wanted to take my fitness regime to the next level she would be able to get me where I wanted to go. I believe she can help anyone at any level get fit or get to the next level on their wellness journey.      


Danette Robertson