Don't Waste Another Day Feeling Sick and Tired!

Who isn't suffering from a lack of energy and/or various health conditions these days?

Sadly most doctors have very minimal education in nutrition - only 19.6 hours according to a 2010 report in Academic Medicine -leaving them unaware of the proven connection between mineral deficiencies and disease.  Even more sad is that most doctors test in a way that perpetuates the problem.  

Mineral magic happens in the cells not in the blood.  Minerals in the blood are tightly regulated under a very different homeostatic mechanism than minerals in tissue.  The A blood test will accurately indicate your mineral levels at the time of the test only.  For example if you just ate a banana, your blood test can indicate high potassium, even though you may actually need potassium (hint...most people do!).   On the other hand, HTMA accurately indicates your cellular level of potassium, unaffected by that banana you just ate.

Think of a blood test is like a snap shot, catching a glimpse in time, and think of HTMA like a video of your mineral retention over an extended period of time.  

With over 40 years of research, hair analysis has emerged as the most accurate and practical method for testing mineral balance in the body.

Trace Elements Lab, Inc. (TEI) has surpassed a million patient specimens.   TEI specalizes in hair HTMA exclusively, analyzing over 50, 000 samples per year. Their full attention is focused on  analyzing your results.   

Progressive health providers are now well aware of the vast amount of research linking nutrition to a reduction in energy and disease.  This cheap, fast, and easy test indicates exactly which supplements you need and which ones you should avoid.  HTMA is quickly becoming the standard for preventative and corrective care for world-class athletes, celebrities whose careers depend on their physical and mental well being, and top ranking government officials.   

Even the E.P.A. relies on HTMA, reporting that human hair can be effectively used for biological monitoring of toxic metals.  A 1980 report confirmed the findings of other studies in the U.S. and abroad, which concluded that human hair is a more appropriate tissue than blood or urine for studying exposure to trace elements. 

Don't waste another day feeling sick and tired! If you could only do one test for your health HTMA should be the one!

HTMA provides necessary insight to the vast array of health conditions emanating from and perpetuated by mineral imbalance and heavy metal toxicity.  With the proper analysis, you will discover a blueprint to increase your energy and restore your health and happiness.