How to Choose A Practitoner

What Lab Do They Utilize?

Many labs offer HTMA, however, only Trace Elements Inc (TEI) and Analytical Research Labs (ARL) specialize solely in it and adhere to  proper testing procedures.  

TEI and ARL are distinctly different from other medical labs that offer HTMA in the way in which they test and interpret results, and as such, are the only two recommended labs for HTMA.  

TEI and ARL are the only labs which do not wash the hair sample, a procedure which can throw off key mineral levels by 30% or more.  They work with tightly defined reference ranges, and utilize a nutritional balancing approach inclusive of the overall mineral picture.  

While any HTMA test can provide insight into deficiencies and toxicities, when it comes to nutritional balancing of essential nutrient minerals I choose only to work with these two labs. 

A Word of Caution About Computereized Lab Report

Look out for practitioners who simply pass on the computerized lab report to you, even if those reports are from TEI or ARL.  

Computers have limitations, and to my knowledge, no program exists that can match the accuracy of a properly trained practitioner when it comes to analyzing hair tissue mineral data.  

Even though the chart data (as seen in the pic) is highly accurate, I often see suggestions on the computerized report that would be of great disservice to a person's health.  Automated lab reports are based on face-value readings, and HTMA charts should never be read at face value. 

Most HTMA services out there will only provide you with an automated 'Profile 2' lab report - if you spend your money on that report you need to understand that caution is required in following the suggestions contained therein.  

Do They Have Precise Training In The Complexities of HTMA?

Work with a practitioner who has studied HTMA chart interpretation in-depth and understands the dynamic interrelationship of minerals. Too many medical professionals attempt to offer HTMA to their clients, without fully understanding how to interpret the results.   Any M.D. can open an account at a testing lab, but this alone does not qualify them to interpret HTMA.  HTMA looks simple, but is infinitely complex - it requires years of dedicated practice, and is certainly far more complex than looking at any one mineral level alone to determine toxicity or deficiency.  A good practitioner will be able to speak to you about the interrelationship of minerals, mineral ratios, patterns, hidden toxicities, the dichotomy between a true deficiency and a toxicity-induced deficiency such as with copper, conditions of intracellular loss such as with magnesium or potassium, and the effects both physical and psychological of mineral imbalances.

My Education

University of Alaska

Health Science/Human Performance


The Malter Instute

HTMA Specialized Certification 

Why Work With Me?

I was extremely ill for years...

And of course all my bloodwork looked great!  All allopathic doctors offered me, besides some ridiculously large bills, was that I just needed Lexapro for my anxiety or that nothing was wrong with me.  

Meanwhile I just got sicker and  sicker, until I ended up with adrenal exhaustion and a thyroid that no longer worked properly. There was a point where I couldn't walk halfway up the stairs in our house without my heart rate going scarily high and muscle fatigue in my legs so bad that I couldn't support my weight.  I would have to sit down long enough to recoup the energy to make it to the top.  I was NOT ok!

Driven by personal illness...

and firsthand knowledge of how horribly flawed the current approach to mainstream wellness is, and how poorly patients are being informed by their doctors about some of the most concerning issues surrounding health, I've focused my work to bringing awareness to the importance of mineral balancing and the epidemic of copper toxicity.  

In addition to my own exhaustive research for personal health reasons...

I've been trained in advanced HTMA under Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D. (arguably the world's leading expert for 4 decades on HTMA and how mineral patterns affect both physical and mental health).  I continue to consult closely with Dr. Malter today.

In my training I further credit the works of:

Dr. Eck - Widely considered the authority on the science of balancing body chemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis and founder of Analytical Research Labs.

Dr. Watts, PhD - Dr. Eck's former partner at ARL, and founder of Trace Elements Inc (one of the two top HTMA testing labs in the world!)

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD - A student of Dr. Eck who, for over 30 years, has focused on nutritional balancing science and copper toxicity research 

Dr. Hans Selye Ph.D., MD - Pioneering endocrinologist, Nobel prize nominee, acknowledged as the 'Father' in the field of stress research

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, PhD., MD - Physician and biochemist specializing in orthomolecular psychiatry with a focus on schizophrenia; author of Mental and Elemental Nutrients, 

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman - Pioneering leader in the field of nutrition, functional and integrative medicine advocate, and author of "Why Am I Always So Tired"

Dr. Weston Price - Considered the 'Isaac Newton' of Nutrition, medical researcher, and author of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"

Along with several years in the personal development arena, my combined education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, preventive health, personal growth and exercise.