About Me

Welcome! I'm Stephanie, A Natural Therapies Practitioner.

My own journey to wellness led me to my greater destiny of teaching others how to work with their unique biochemistry, transforming them from the inside out. 

I’ve spent over a decade fundamentally reforming my perception of wellness.

I lived over ten years in a state of mental and physical exhaustion.  Brain fog.  Fatigue.  Anxiety.  Anger. Fibromyalgia.  Joint pain.  Shortness of breath.  Irregular menstrual cycles.  Numbness in my extremities.  Multiple autoimmune issues.  Gut dysbiosis.  Candida.  I became hypothyroid and gained weight.  My hair was falling out like crazy.

I juggled diet, exercise, meditation, prescriptions and everything in between trying to find an approach that worked for me.  Nothing helped.  

Finally, in 2015, still desperately searching for a way to restore my health and energy I stumbled across an article about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  The power of a biochemically individual approach resonated with me and I knew I would finally get the help I needed. 

And I did!  HTMA dramatically changed my life! No more anxiety, brain fog, shortness of breath or fatigue!  My menstrual cycles are regular, my thyroid and adrenals function drastically improved, and my digestive issues and candida overgrowth have been eradicated and my hair is now growing strong and healthy instead of falling out!   


With a clear understanding of my purpose, I set out on a journey to help others find their way back to wellness.

There are endless ways to nourish your body and soul - It's all about learning to work with your biochemistry!

Good health is one of the most important aspects of life and one I'm passionate about!  Using HTMA as a biochemically individual roadmap, I am able to guide others on their wellness journey, restoring their health and energy on a physical and mental level.

The foundation of any work I do begins with HTMA as it provides me with a clear picture of what nutrients YOUR body needs at the present time for optimal health and healing.  Too many people are blindly taking supplements or consuming diets based on what we are led to believe is healthy, without having any understanding of their existing mineral levels.  

My approach to wellness is straighforward and effective; Achieve and maintain homeostasis.  By utilizing Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis I am able to intelligently identify toxicities and deficiencies and utilize biochemically unique supplementation. This allows me to  intelligently remove toxicities while opening and supporting the body's detox pathways,  restoring  cellular energy  and replenishing and balancing your minerals.

By combining evidence based science with natural therapies, I am able to target your specific concerns providing you with long term solutions as opposed to just treating symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe that you can replace your struggles, restrictions, and deprivations with peace, pleasure and prosperity.  

Together we will create your journey to wellness!  I am committed to helping you regain and maintain helath and happiness

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